Mediation Services

  • Agricultural matters
  • Family law
  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate
  • Business dissolution

Trained in Nebraska for both general mediation as well as family law mediation through the Office of Dispute Resolution, Justin is the premiere choice to mediate your issue. Along with this training, Justin has participated in many mediations and has a unique way of bringing people together and finding commonality in a dispute. Mediation allows parties to have some control over a resolution, which is why the legal system is leaning more and more toward mediation.  It is essential that you have a mediator with practical experience in the issue being mediated.  Justin has over a decade of practical experience in the areas listed above.

Estate Planning/Wills

  • Probate litigation
  • Complex estates
  • Estate plan reviews
  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Medical power of attorney

Whether your estate needs consist of thousands of farm acres, multi-business owners, overseas real estate, employed families with children, quick-draft vacation wills, same-sex couples, or individuals, you will rest easy as Attorney Justin J. Cook can provide a sense of security with your estate plan.  Justin J. Cook has experience with very complex estates, estate litigation, ag-specialized family plans, and has litigated a variety of estate issues.  Justin J. Cook has been contracted by other estate planning attorneys in Nebraska for his litigation experience in probate cases.  This means that, no matter how complex or simple, his focus is to avoid issues that may arise in the future by creating a good, solid estate plan. 

Agriculture Law and Ag-Focused Representation

  • Land leases
  • Chemical application matters
  • CDL issues
  • Contracts
  • Business formations
  • Ag Estates

DO NOT hire an attorney that does not have an extensive agriculture background if you're livelihood is dependent on agriculture.  Along with direct ag-related matters such as land leases, chemical application matters, CDL issues, etc. we highly encourage individuals and families that depend on agriculture for their income to only use an attorney knowledgeable in agriculture in matters of divorce, criminal issues, or accidents that injure yourself or another person.  There are strategies that are used and timed appropriately that are only understood by someone that is versed in the business of farming and ranching. Not only was Justin J. Cook raised on a working farm and ranch, but he currently lives on a small farm with his family, is active in community agricultural groups and helps neighbors out when needed.


  • Contracts
  • Real estate
  • Business formation:  Corporations, LLC's, etc.
  • Business dissolution
  • Multi-business management

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging venture.  Sustaining a business can be even more challenging. Attorney Justin J. Cook can help you begin in the best possibly way for future success.  We know that there is no room for error.  Poor legal representation in the beginning can cost you greatly in the future. 

Criminal Defense/Administrative Proceedings

  • Forfeitures
  • Administrative/licensure issues
  • DUI's-including multiple 
  • Burglary
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felony
  • Management of multiple criminal cases in multiple counties

Highly sought after and referred by peers, Attorney Justin J. Cook, has been defending clients in a variety of criminal issues for over a decade.  He believes that all persons deserve representation and that defense attorney's provide a much needed set of checks and balances in the legal system.  Not all people that are arrested for a crime are guilty. Attorney Justin J. Cook does not run every client through the legal system the exact same way.  Each case is reviewed independently and individually, with a strategy put into place to meet the goals of the client.  Attorney Justin J. Cook believes strongly in the utilization of community resources to help a client with dependency issues, anger management, and/or treatment.  This, in turn, will help the client repair relationships, maintain employment; increasing the possibility of improving their overall outcome before the court.